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Classes at Cascadia are taught by parents, grandparents, students (with adult support), and community members. We strive to offer a variety of classes each term with a balance of academics, arts, and movement. As we are supplemental to homeschooling, we do not offer a complete curriculum. We do provide kids with the opportunity to deepen their learning and develop new skills in a classroom setting. We generally organize our classes into age groups, although these groupings are flexible and dependent on each child’s interest and ability level. Teachers receive support from the Director and each other in providing engaging classes.

We are busy putting together the Fall class schedule right now. Because parents teach our classes, we have to get a sense of enrollment and parent availability in order to finalize the schedule. Here is a list of the classes we are working on for the Fall:

  • Biology - This will be our science focus for the 2018-2019 school year. As well as studying life sciences in the classroom, we will be doing community research out in the world, taking field trips, and working on design challenges throughout the year that are biology themed.

  • Design Challenge - Each week the kids will work on a design challenge that is presented at the beginning of the term. They will work through the whole design process and create something of their own. They will also creatively present their design to the community. This challenge will have a biology theme.

  • Writing - our writing classes will incorporate all aspects of writing with the goal of children being excited and uninhibited in expressing themselves through the written word. We will incorporate grammar, cursive, spelling, and many styles of writing. The older kids will also work on producing newsletters for each term and on creating a yearbook for the end of the year.

  • Reading - from book making, learning to read, storytelling, and book club, reading will be integrated into all the ages through fun classes that inspire excitement and mastery.

  • Math - Our goal this year for math is to help kids develop their problem solving skills. Kids will be presented with problems to solve that require a variety of math skills and tools. They will work together to solve their problems, share their methods, and develop new problems of their own.

  • Music - The Shedd Institute will continue to offer beginning and advanced recorder. This is a great instrument for learning music. Students will perform at the end of term showcase.

  • History - We are excited to be offering a history course for the 7-9 and 10-12 groups this year. This class is still in development and will include awesome class projects.

  • Art - We incorporate art into most of our classes across the ages. And, in the Fall, we will be offering the 10-12 year olds a drawing class with a community artist.

  • Other exciting classes that parents are eager to teach will be added to the schedule as they are proposed.


Fall 2018 Schedule Coming Soon

Come Teach A Class

Cascadia Learning Cooperative is looking for parents and people in the community to teach, lead, and facilitate classes in ALL areas. For example:

  • Art – mosaic making, silk screening, painting, knitting, sewing, theater, etc.

  • Music – violin, ukulele, flute, drumming, choir

  • Language – Spanish, Japanese, American Sign Language

  • Science – physics, chemistry, biology, or simply a class of experiments

  • Language Arts – reading/writing, essay writing, creative writing

  • Social Studies – current events, history, world religions

  • Geography – tour of the world, cultural studies

  • Math – basic math, geometry, algebra, calculus or math games

  • Physical – dance class, yoga, martial arts, cooking, health class

  • Outdoors – wilderness survival, plant identification, hiking


Never taught a class before?  Give it a try! 

Classes at Cascadia are small (4-8) and assistants are always available.  Can’t think of a topic?  Just ask.  We have a wealth of ideas, plus an on-site resource library that makes teaching any topic easy. 

Would you or someone you know want to facilitate a club at Cascadia for one of the following activities:

  • gardening

  • chess

  • book club

  • anime

  • TED talk discussion club

  • comic writing

  • D&D

  • Something else we haven't thought of...


You do not have to be a certified teacher to apply, but you do need to:

  • be organized and responsible, on-time and dedicated;

  • prepare interesting, engaging lessons at an age-appropriate level;

  • bring materials and supplies for your class (charging an additional supply fees for families may be allowed);

  • help mediate conflict when it arises;

  • communicate with parents and the administrator if there are any challenges or concerns;

  • make the learning environment challenging and fun; and

  • provide home exercises for your lessons when appropriate (depending on student age/subject).

Building Conastoga huts with

Community Supported Shelters.

Making Music in

song writing class.

Trying out a radio made in

How in the World science class.

Painting paper mache in

Cool Concoctions class.

Interested in teaching a class or facilitating a club at Cascadia? Click the link below and let us know what you would like to offer. We will get back to you asap.

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