Cascadia Learning Cooperative (CLC) is a membership based learning cooperative for homeschooling families. We offer an Agile Learning Program (ALC) three days a week that serves children and youth ages five to eighteen, and we welcome younger children to participate with their parents. Membership includes participation in the ALC program, including the Roots and TWIGS groups, as well as many other opportunities for learning, playing, and community.

Family Membership

  • Participation in the ALC program: Tuesdays, Wednesdays, & Thursdays from 10am to 4pm.

  • All family members are welcome at Cascadia during ALC hours.

  • Family volunteer requirement of six hours per week, on and off site options.

  • Children and youth may be dropped off when parent is not volunteering.

  • Access to the space on Mondays and Fridays during set hours.

  • Field trips and other off-site adventures.

  • Access to the space for groups, workshops, trainings, etc.

  • Adult learning opportunities.

  • Parenting support groups.

  • Community involvement and volunteer opportunities.

Roots Program

  • Serving children ages five and six.

  • Children in the Roots program may participate fully (2 or 3 days a week) or choose to attend one day a week.

  • Volunteer requirement for families only participating in Roots one day a week are three hours per week.

  • Parent or guardian must be on site at all times, until child demonstrates they are comfortable and able to participate without parent support.

TWIGS - Teens/Tweens With Intentional Goals
  • Optional program for qualifying youth who meet and maintain the TWIG agreements for participation.

  • Serving youth ages 11-18

  • Must attend two or three days a week

  • Must attend Tuesdays

  • Parent volunteer requirement of two hours per week

  • Youth volunteer requirement of two hours per week

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