Cascadia offers a secular, open, educational mixed age environment for learners to explore, learn and receive support from trained Agile Learning Facilitators in setting goals and intentions, working towards meeting them, and reflecting on their processes and outcomes. Cascadia also offers a variety of community building events and learning opportunities for its member families, including offerings for adults. 

Roots Program

The Roots program is for our younger learners ages three to eight and their families. We focus on freedom, play, and community in an environment rich with resources for imaginative play and with opportunity for engagement in life skills.

Learners aged six and younger need to have a parent onsite to support them in the space. Children ages five and six may transition to drop off as they are ready and are approved by facilitators.

Families with learners younger than three are welcome to be in the space engaging and participating with a parent, as well.


We ask that parents who are onsite with their children, attend a parent training to become familiar with our expectation of not “adulting” in the space, but instead participating as learners themselves and allowing their children to explore and play freely with empathetic support from facilitators. Parents will provide facilitation for learners under the age of three.

Branches Program

The branches program is for our learners ages seven to eighteen, who are ready to fully engage with the community and take increasing responsibility for the direction of their unique learning path.  We draw on various education models to offer a rich learning environment. Facilitators and adult family members are present on site offering learning experiences.

TWIGS Program
Teens/Tweens With Intentional Goals

TWIGS is an optional program that provides additional facilitation and support for middle and high school youth in creating and realizing personal goals. Participants agree to increased responsibilities and receive additional benefits including social opportunities and events for their cohort.


TWIGS participants may choose to attend three or five days a week. Members of this cohort are actively engaged in developing curriculum and learning opportunities for themselves and their cohort.

Membership Benefits


  • Three Day Membership = Participation Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays from 10am to 4pm at the space for all members.

  • Five Day Membership for Middle & High Schoolers = Three day membership plus participation in the TWIGS program, which includes Mondays and Fridays from 10am to 4pm.

  • Drop off for children ages seven to eighteen.

  • Drop off upon approval for ages five and six.

  • Adult learning opportunities.

  • Community events

  • Field trips

  • Membership prices for learning opportunities and events that are offered for a fee.

  • Approved use of the space during available hours.

Membership Responsibilities​​

Children and Youth:

  • Keep agreements and participate in our culture creation process by attending set the day, spawn, change up, social justice offerings, and clean up, and participating in conflict resolution.

  • Attend a minimum of two days a week, *Exceptions can be made based on individual needs and approval by facilitators.

  • Attend Tuesdays and Thursdays


  • Attend monthly community meeting, which includes social justice learning opportunities.

  • Provide a learning offering each month. This can be done in many ways and there is a lot of support. Parents are able to fulfill this responsibility in ways that work for their schedules, even if they work full time.

  • Participate in conflict resolution when needed.

  • Participate in a working group. Family members that are unable to join a working group may join the Hub and respond to needs for time and resources as they are available. Kids are welcome to join working groups.

Membership Dues

We are a membership based community that runs all year long,

although we have limited hours and alternative activities during July and August.


Monthly membership rates are based on the number

of participating children ages three to eighteen.


*Families that have learners in both the three and five day programs will pay the $400 for the first learner in the five day program,

and $100 more for the second learner in either program, and $50 each for additional learners.


Families that are able to pay more than the base rate for their number of children/youths participating, will be making it possible for families of lower income to participate. Trust is an essential element of our culture. Please be as generous as you can. The sliding scale is only made possible by everyone contributing whatever they can make work.

Membership starts with a six week trial period so that everyone can be sure that it is a good fit before families make the full year commitment. 

Three Day Program

One Learner = $200 per month


Two Learners = $300 per month


Three Learners = $350 per month

Four Learners = $400 per month

Five Day TWIGS Program

One Learner = $400 per month


Two Learners = $500 per month


Three Learners = $550 per month

Four Learners = $600 per month


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