New Obstacle Course

Our first week back and no obstacle can stop us!

We had a great week to start of the new year! We welcomed five new learners to the community and they fit right in with our awesome bunch of self- directed individuals!

Our neighbors kindly donated their obstacle course, and we had so much fun with it this week! From 3 to 17 year olds, with a few in their 30's and 40's, we all had fun challenging ourselves with the new course. And it took our group freeze tag to another level!

We started the week with a sleepover the Friday before we started back up. The learners requested hot chocolate and popcorn and snacked the night away. They invented a new twist on team flashlight tag that involved ghosts and ghostbusters, which was fun for all ages. The older kids started the night with pizza and a movie and then discussed "The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian", which they had read before the break. It was a great night!

We launched our social justice weekly offerings and had discussions about tribal whaling and water rights as well as learned about "10 Indigenous Women who are Making the World a Better Place." We also had moving talks about the fires in Australia, and we challenged our community to come up with ways we can support the victims, which we will share next week. We also watched Risk Steve's Iran video from 2014 and will continue to learn about and explore the amazing culture and people from this fascinating country as part of our efforts to move towards understanding and support peace.

There was a lot of crafting action with a funny crafts competition and a blanket making sewing offering, as well as some hilarious and creative imaginative play. Minecraft was big this week and our learners are working on creating a Minecraft server so that they can all plat together in the same world. We also broke geodes, discovered quartz crystals, and as always, had lots of doggo snuggles with Wally our special needs puppy.

There was also an epic amount of pogo stick jumping this week. Our resident expert jumper taught two other learners how to jump and they worked on some impressive tricks. We are really proud of how brave and capable our learners are...and we decided together that pogo stick tricks require helmets!

Our larger community of adults discussed plans for winter events and explored the concept of privilege through a game called Privilege For Sale at our monthly meeting. It was a wonderful week with new friends! We are honored to be learning and growing with this sweet community!

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