Tweens/Teens With Intentional Goals

Cascadia is excited to announce the opening of our TWIGS (Tweens/Teens With Intentional Goals) program in January!

We value the unique role our middle and high school aged learners play at Cascadia. They are culture creators, space holders, and the role models of our community values.

TWIGS is an optional program for Teens/Tweens With Intentional Goals that provides additional facilitation and support for middle and high school youth in creating and realizing personal goals. Participants agree to increased responsibilities and receive additional benefits including social opportunities and events for their cohort. Members are actively engaged in developing curriculum and learning opportunities for themselves and their cohort.

Eligibility: Learners enrolled at Cascadia who are middle and high school aged and who can meet the program agreements.

Attendance Options

Three Days a Week option (Tuesdays through Thursdays from 10am to 4pm)

Five Days a Week option (Tuesdays through Thursdays from 10am to 4pm)


Increased support developing, achieving, and reflecting on personal goals.

Specific offerings tailored to the learning goals of the TWIGS participants.

Five day attendance option.

TWIGS specific field trips, events, and outings.

TWIGS Co-chair positions to serve as liaisons with facilitators and the larger Cascadia Community.

Eventual (as possible) separate finance budget for TWIGS offerings/events.


In meetings, is able to adhere to any guidelines set (not interrupting, able to put away phone, etc.).

Is able to follow community agreements and practices without repeated reminders from peers or adults.

Shows awareness of their impact on others in our shared space on a consistent basis.

Regularly attends either three or five days a week based on their membership level.

Takes responsibility & ownership for:

Creating their own transcript/portfolio and requesting the support they need to do so.

Scheduling individual advisory meetings (minimum of 1 per month).

Attending and participating in weekly TWIG meetings.

Requesting additional support to meet their individual goals.

Consistently works towards their personal learning goals and adapts them as needed.

Consistently updates their portfolio each week, without reminders.

Completes ten hours of community volunteer service throughout the year.

Maintains off-site permission by their parents and Cascadia, (ages 15+).

Email to find out more and to enroll.

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