Welcoming 5 Year Olds Fall 2018

Updated: May 22, 2018

Cascadia will now be accepting 5 year olds to our program!

After establishing a solid program for children ages 6 to 13, Cascadia is now expanding to welcome 5 year olds. We are excited to have limited openings for families who want to homeschool and unschool right from the start.

Children and parents gain so much from Cascadia Learning Cooperative membership! From thriving community to shared knowledge and experience, Cascadia supports families in finding their own unique path to homeschooling their children.

The program for five year olds will include:

  • Beginning reading, writing, and math for readiness to begin skill building, adapted to accommodate children at diverse levels

  • Arts and crafts

  • Movement

  • Lots of imaginative and free play, both indoors and outside

  • Down time to rest, integrate their experiences, and consolidate new learning

Five and six year olds will have classes together and share lunch and free times with the entire program. This has worked wonderfully for our six year olds and we love how the older children, engage, play with, and help look out for the younger children. We are truly a thoughtful and kind community!

This age group will generally have two teachers (parent volunteers) for each class. As with our six year olds, there must be an adult on site for five year old children. Families often coordinate with each other to ensure that each student has an adult responsible for them on site, allowing them to take turns dropping their children off and attending to their lives outside of Cascadia.

Contact us to find out more about whether Cascadia is the right fit for your little one!

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