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Membership Pricing

Family Membership

Monthly membership rate is based on the number of children

participating in the Agile Learning Center Program.

One Child/Youth = Monthly Payment of at least $200 


Two Children/Youths = Monthly Payment of at least $200 


Three Children/Youths = Monthly Payment of at least $250 


Four Children/Youths = Monthly Payment of at least $300

Families that are able to pay more than the base rate for their number of children/youths participating,

will be making it possible for families of lower income to participate.


Trust is an essential element of our culture. Instead of vetting each family's finances,

we ask that you select a monthly membership rate from your personal knowledge of what you can afford.

Depending on openings available at specific payment levels, we may not be able to accept your proposal.

Please be as generous as you can. The sliding scale is only made possible by

everyone contributing whatever they can make work.


TWIGS - Tweens/Teens With Intentional Goals

There is no additional cost for the TWIGS program.


Membership starts with a six week trial period so that everyone can be sure that it is a good fit before families make the full year commitment. 

Volunteer Requirement

All families are trusted to support the cooperative by volunteering.

The most important volunteering is providing learning opportunities for our learners. That can be as simple as doing something you enjoy in the space where learners can observe and participate or as involved as facilitating something like a weekly chemistry club, and many other options in between. These are the activities that make our days rich with options for exploration and we count on parents to bring these to fruition.


Parents are often on site engaging, playing, creating, and learning for a portion of the time that their learners attend. Those who cannot be on site regularly can volunteer by joining a working group and by organizing guest presenters/teachers, field trips, and other activities.

Volunteering also includes helping to maintain and clean our space, as well as occasional administrative work, and supply stocking.

Families of children ages five and six, who are participating in the one day option are trusted to do about three hours of volunteering per week.

Families that only have youth participating in the TWIGS program are trusted to do about four hours of volunteering per week, two by adults and two by the participating youth.

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